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Terms & Conditions

New Customers

Sunshine Fashion reserves the right to carefully consider the acceptance or refusal of new client applications based on specific criteria in your area. We will conduct a location check to make sure that we do not supply two customers with the same stock in the same area. 

If you met all our criteria, the minimum spend for your first purchase invoice is $300.00 or more.

Returns of  Faulty Stock

Return policy

We only exchange faulty stock with manufacturing faults or exchange with invoicing mistake.

No returns for:

  1. Change of your mind

  2. Stock  that has been used

  3. Stock that has been purchased for more than 6 months and which may not be in our computer records.

  4. Please report to us within 3 days of  receiving your stock by phone or email with photos

  5. No return with stock on special

  6. No return without item no. tags


  1. Freight charges may change by freight company without notice

  2. Please note opening hours for your business to avoid the redelivery charge. This redelivery charge will be added to your next invoice.

  3. Delivery date is approximately 1 to 10 days, depending on the area. We do not guarantee the delivery date.


  1. Payment must be pay in full before pick up or send it by courier

  2. Late payment fee and dishonour bank cheque fee  will be apply in your invoice

  3. All payment needs to clear before order new stock

  4. Sunshine Fashion reserves the right to cancel your open account if you have dishonour bank cheque or late payment.

Stock on Hold / Pre-order

  1. All stock will not be held for more than ten days. Sunshine Fashion reserves the right sell to other customers.

  2. We may charge for special circumstances e.g. pre-order cancelling fee.

Existing Customers

Sunshine Fashion Wholesale reserves the right of to substitute an existing customer with new customers in the same area without pre-mentioning it to the existing customer, if you cannot reach our criteria as below:

  1. If existing customer does not purchase from us for 3 months or more

  2. Average spending of less than $2500.00 per month over the last 6 months

  3. Bad credibility in our records

These mentioned clauses are in order for our business to survive and continuously serve our global customers with a good mark-up price. As a wholesale business, we endeavor to mark up our product with lowest profit margin. In order to trade as a wholesaler and provide this low profit margin, we need customers that purchase both regularly and reach our minimum purchase requirements.

All Sunshine Fashion team members appreciate our existing customers’ continued support over the past years! We welcome our new customers to join in our fantastic big family!  All our team members seek to serve you and grow our businesses together with you!

 Do you agree with above terms and conditions? 

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