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Sunshine Fashion Pty Ltd

(07) 3255 3968        

5/170 Montague Road South Brisbane QLD 4101


Q1: Will other retail stores in my area have access to Sunshine Fashion stock?


 We aim to ensure to that no two customers are supplied with the same stock in one area. Sunshine Fashion Wholesale reserves the right of to substitute an existing customer with new customers in the same area without prementioning it to the existing customer, if you cannot reach our criteria: 1. If existing customer does not purchase from us for 6 months or more 2. Average spending of less than $1800.00 per month over the last 12 months  3. Bad credibility in our records. These mentioned clauses are in order for our business to survive and continuously serve our global customers with a good mark-up price. As a wholesale business, we endeavour to mark up our product with the lowest profit margin. In order to trade as a wholesaler and provide this low profit margin, we need customers that purchase both regularly and reach our minimum purchase requirements. With regard to customers in the same area, we try our best to make sure that no stock is repeated in one store, We try our best to maintain and manage this system to ensure that all customers are satisfied. 


Q2: Do you supply to stock to market stalls?


Yes we do supply stock to many customer selling at markets throughout Queensland and other states in the country. Unfortunately due to the nature of markets, we are unable to manage the stock supply for this, meaning we cannot ensure which customers will be selling our Sunshine Fashion stock at which markets on a specific day. 


Q3: How do I place an order?


Ordering stock seen on is an easy and simple process. We have an online shopping feature on our site, allowing our customers to add the items the would like to order to a cart. Once they've checked out, their cart is emailed to us and we prepare the order. As payment options are not yet available online, a team member will be in contact with shortly for payment and delivery instructions. Alternitavely, simply email us a list of your order at or give us a call listing the items you would like. Please make sure to specify the correct codes, quantity and colours of the items you would like to order. 


Q4: Can the public see what we see if they go to your website?


All registered customers of Sunshine Fashion Pty Ltd are provided with a secure password which they can use to access our website. Only once this password is used, will the viewer be able to see prices and size run information. All stock photos used on our home and about pages, do not show any pricing information. In other words, members of the public cannot access our site or view our prices


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